We are an Accredited Practice

We are an Accredited Practice

VC Dental is a Nationally Accredited dental practice.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is an internationally recognised evaluation process used to assess an organisation’s ability to meet and exceed all criteria for their profession.

Accreditation is awarded by an independent accrediting agency (QIP – Quality Innovation Performance) once a practice has submitted evidence demonstrating compliance with the National Safety and Quality in Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

The NSQHS Standards encompass regulatory requirements passed by both Federal and State governments.

What this means for our patients:

This means we have undergone strict assessment to verify we comply with the highest nationally recognised medical standards, and that we have integrated these standards into everyday procedures.

You can be assured that when you visit us you will receive the benchmark in quality, safety, service and performance standards.

What this means for us:

Our Accreditation is an ongoing process where continual compliance and improvement is required and assessed. We are committed to this process to ensure we are providing the highest quality health care to our patients.

Further Information:

QIP has published that:

“Private Dental Practice Accreditation reassures patients and consumers that dental practices are adhering to industry regulations and guidelines and they are committed to quality improvement, patient safety and quality care”.

The ADA (Australian Dental Association) has published that:

“Accreditation leads practices to systematically demonstrate to an independent accreditation agency that the practice is compliant with existing national, state and territory legislation and guidelines”. “If the dental practice you attend has accredited itself, that means they have, of their own volition and expense, voluntarily committed to continuously improve safety and quality for patients”.