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At VC Dental we provide professional teeth whitening solutions from Philips Zoom! We offer two different application options: ‘In-office whitening’ or ‘Take home whitening’.

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Our teeth whitening procedures can lighten the colour of your teeth by up to eight shades.

Philips Zoom! whitening is one of the world leading brands, and we use their most effective, top of the range system and products.

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How does teeth whitening work?

Using peroxide-based bleaching agents in the form of a gel, both surface and deep-set stains are lifted from the pores of your tooth enamel to reveal lighter teeth.

Teeth whitening can reverse stains from food and drinks, ageing, tobacco use, and discolouration from some types of medication.

Professional teeth whitening treatments help to remove both extrinsic (surface staining of the outer layer called the enamel) and intrinsic stains (staining of the dentine, which is the sensitive tissue that lies just below your enamel).

Safety and teeth protection

Our teeth whitening products are clinically proven to be safe and non-invasive on teeth and gums when applied by a dental professional.

Philips Zoom is also the only professional whitening system to use ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) in both their in-office and take-home products. As this unique formula whitens, it also delivers enamel protection, reduces sensitivity, and improves tooth surface lustre. Whitening with ACP means stronger teeth, greater comfort, and better results1.

“Our products for in-office whitening and our Zoom at-home formulas are the only whitening treatments to utilise ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), which is clinically proven to reduce teeth sensitivity, protect your tooth enamel and improve the luster and smoothness of your teeth (in vitro)” (Philips)2.

Application options

We offer two different application options: ‘In-office whitening’ or ‘Take home whitening’.

In-office whitening is the best treatment for those who want dramatic, instant results. It uses the highest strength concentration product, and is completed in one-hour in the dental chair. You will also receive a take-home touch up kit included in the price.

Take home whitening allows you to get professional, affordable results in the comfort of your own home. You apply this treatment yourself over a period of two weeks.

In-office professional whitening

For in-office whitening we use Philips’ most effective, top of the range system ‘WhiteSpeed’.

This scientifically advanced teeth whitening is completed in one appointment for your convenience, and takes one hour to complete. The results are instant and you will walk out of the surgery with teeth up to eight shades whiter.

With in-office whitening, stronger whitening ingredients are used to provide dramatic yet safe results, with reduced (or eliminated) sensitivity.

Philips’ unique hydrogen peroxide gel breaks down the molecular bonds that make up stains on and in your teeth.

WhiteSpeed also uses an intense LED accelerator light that shines on the whitening gel during treatment. This makes the process faster and improves whitening results by up to 40% (compared to non-light activated systems).


In office teeth whitening


The procedure

  1. Your gums are carefully protected with a special rubber covering, and you are provided protective glasses to wear.
  2. A layer of the advanced whitening gel is applied to your teeth.
  3. The blue light of the LED whitening accelerator is shined onto your teeth.
  4. This is repeated 3 times for a total of 45 minutes.
  5. After treatment, a post-treatment gel is applied to your teeth to help protect enamel and reduce sensitivity.
  6. You will also receive customised whitening trays and a take home professional whitening kit, which is included in the price of your treatment. This allows you to top up the brightness of your smile at home when you like.



Take home professional whitening

With Philips Zoom take home whitening you will get professional, affordable results with reduced (or eliminated) sensitivity. You apply the treatment yourself in the comfort of your own home. This treatment delivers superior results compared to non-dental whitening systems, with the ability to choose when and how you whiten your teeth.

Whitening Trays

It takes around seven to fourteen days for the whitening results to take effect (so don’t be concerned if you don’t notice a difference straight away).

Take home whitening involves using custom-fitted trays that you apply whitening gel into and then sit them over your teeth for a specific period of time.

There are two Philips Zoom product options for take home whitening: DayWhite and NiteWhite.

The best option for you depends on whether you prefer to whiten whilst you sleep, or during the day. These options will be discussed with you during your appointment so you can make an informed decision on what will work best for you.

Take home whitening uses a combination of peroxide-based bleaching agents (carbamide or hydrogen peroxide) in the form of a whitening gel to lift deep-set stains from the pores of your tooth enamel to reveal lighter teeth. DayWhite and NiteWhite contain slightly different formulas to ensure each work best dependent on the application method.

Unlike in-office whitening, no light is applied to the whitening gel during take-home applications.

Zoom products


Product options

Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite treatments are both applied in the same easy way, the difference comes down to when and how long you would like to wear your trays.


DayWhite is perfect if you prefer to wear trays during the day for as short a time as possible.

You will wear the trays for 30 minutes twice per day. Most people like to do one treatment in the morning and the other in the evening.


NiteWhite is perfect if you would prefer to wear trays either during the day for a longer period of time, or overnight.

You will wear the trays either for 2-4 hours during the day, or overnight while you are sleeping. If you are whitening overnight, you will put the trays on before you go to sleep at night and remove them as soon as you wake up in the morning.

The procedure

The procedure first involves taking impressions of your teeth at our practice to make custom-fitting mouth trays that fit perfectly to your teeth and gum line. This allows for the safe and effective application of the high strength gel at home.

Once you have your custom-fitted trays, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Brush and floss well to remove any plaque from the surface of your teeth. Plaque can otherwise get in the way of the whitening gel and lead to less effective results.
  2. Take one gel syringe. Remove the cap by twisting it 90 degrees and pulling it off. Attach the dispensing nozzle to the syringe and twist it 90 degrees to secure it. Then remove the lid from the dispensing nozzle.
  3. Put a teardrop size of tooth whitening gel into each tooth impression section in your trays.
  4. Gently place the trays over your teeth.
  5. When the prescribed time for your formulation is up, take out your trays and give them a good clean with cold running water. You can use a toothbrush to help remove gel if you like. Never use warm or hot water as this can distort the trays.
  6. Either rinse your mouth our with water, or brush your teeth.

* If you notice white gums after your session don’t be alarmed. This is caused by the hydrogen peroxide but is only temporary.



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In-Office Teeth Whitening

Philips Zoom! Whitening can lighten the colour of your teeth by up to eight shades. Includes take home touch-up kit.


Take-home Teeth Whitening

Philips Zoom! Professional whitening products you can apply at home



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