Cosmetic Lip Enhancement Injections

One syringe of product for $550

Lip Enhancement Treatment

Dermal fillers are a temporary cosmetic injectable treatment.

They can be used to create more defined, fuller and smoother lips, as well as to change the shape and size of the lips.

Lip enhancement can add volume to thin or poorly defined lips, and prevent lipstick bleeding.

Our dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a type of complex sugar (polysaccharide) that is naturally present in skin tissue. HA is an essential component of skin tissue that provides the skin with moisture, volume and elasticity. The filler is in the form of a concentrated gel, which is able to combine with water and swell to provide a filling, plumping and smoothing effect.

The treatment adds volume to the area, and provides immediate structural support and improved skin conditioning for a rejuvenated appearance.

During our facial rejuvenation procedures our aim is to help you improve and restore your natural appearance. The treatments are designed to produce a natural result, without looking obvious.

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Please note, any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should obtain personal advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.