What is IV Sedation like? Question and Answer blog

If you are considering undergoing IV Sedation for a procedure, you might be wondering what the experience is like.One of our team members electively underwent IV Sedation for a procedure at our practice, and she has kindly answered some questions for us about her experience.

Q: Tell us what your IV sedation appointment was for.
A: Lower left and lower right wisdom teeth surgical extraction.

Q: Is this the first time you have either had wisdom teeth removed, or IV sedation?
A: This was my first time having IV sedation. I have previously had my upper left and right wisdom teeth extracted but I did not undergo sedation.

Q: Did you have to complete any pre-procedure preparation?
A: I had to fast for at least 6 hours prior to treatment and could only drink water up to 2 hours prior. My appointment was at 11am so I was starting to get a bit hungry, but before I realised it I was already back home and eating soft foods.

Q: How was the IV sedation administered, what did it feel like and did it hurt?
A: A cannula was placed into my hand for the IV sedation drugs to pass into my blood stream. The anaesthetist Swapna was very gentle and I barely felt anything.

Q: Can you remember anything from the procedure? Did it really make you fall asleep/erase your memory?
A: I remember going into the room, speaking with the dentist and the anaesthetist. I remember the cannula going into my hand and oxygen tubes being placed on my face, the chair began to tilt backwards then my next memory is my partner helping me stand up after surgery.

Q: Do you remember leaving the surgery after the appointment, and how did you get home?
A: No, I have no memory of leaving the surgery. My partner drove me to the surgery and came to pick me up after the procedure. I do remember looking at the steps on my front porch before I woke up in bed.

Q: How was your recovery from the sedation the next day, and how were you feeling?
A: I woke up in bed later that afternoon after the procedure and aside from being a bit tired I had no side effects from the sedation. I was in need of a couple of days in bed to rest after the surgical procedure, but I was back to work two days later and feeling pretty good.

Q: Would you have IV sedation again, and would you recommend it to others?
A: I would definitely elect to have IV sedation again if I was having complex treatment (for example dental implants or multiple extractions), or if I needed to have a lot of restorative work done and wanted to have it all completed in the one appointment. So, I would recommend it for complex or long treatments. I would also recommend it for anxious or nervous patients, as I have no memory of the procedure itself and only flashes of memories before we started and of getting home after.

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Please note this is general information about a personal experience, and that each patient may experience sedation differently. This information is intended to promote understanding of and knowledge about general oral health topics. It should not be taken as personal, professional advice; nor treatment recommendation or diagnosis. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Always seek professional advice from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.