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Surgery Chairs

Our dental surgeries are fitted with the latest in German Technology. Our dental chairs are manufactured by Sirona and have award winning designs that offer outstanding patient comfort. They have built in technology to enable the latest in implantology and endodontic procedures.


Surgery Technology

Our chairs also contain intraoral cameras (take photos inside your mouth) for instant imaging, which are an essential part of our technology at VC Dental. The instant, TV sized images allow patient education and involvement in the treatment procedures, and allow patients to examine the final restoration. These before and after images can then be printed out for our patients to take as a record of their treatment.

Education Software - 'GURU'


All surgeries at VC Dental have Guru Software incorporated into the system. This program provides animated images for all of our dental procedures in an easily understood format. This allows our patients to have a clearer understanding of the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

You will also see these animations used throughout our website to help explain procedures.


Digital Imaging

Our facility uses Digital Imaging including Panoramic, Cephalometric and Intra-oral radiography.
These images provide lower radiation but accurate and instant processing, maximising patient comfort and diagnosis.
To learn more about our x-rays and images, please click here



CEREC (short for single-visit ceramic reconstructions) is digital 3D technology that creates instant, beautiful ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays.

An advanced camera first takes a photo of the tooth inside your mouth, then a computer generated design for the restoration is created, and the restoration is fabricated outside of the mouth.


This technology is chair side and completed in one appointment with no messy impressions. The modern technology is precise and accurate, and the restorations are natural looking.

To learn more about this technology and procedure please click here.

For more information about crowns please click here.

For more information about inlays and onlays (custom made fillings) please click here.


Laser Technology

Laser technology is used for many procedures involved with soft tissue adjustment or removal. The use of the laser enables better healing, less post-operative pain and reduces bleeding.



The standard of our sterilisation procedures are top priority for patient care at VC Dental.

Every cycle of our autoclave sterilisation for every patient at every appointment is digitally recorded to ensure maximum patient safety and the assurance of hospital standard sterilisation procedures. We have a full tracking system applied to all of our surgical instruments.

Although now a legal requirement, this facility has been provided at VC Dental for many years.


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