Take-home Teeth Whitening

Take-home professional whitening for $250.

Philips Zoom! whitening is one of the world leading brands, and we provide their professional take-home products.

With Philips Zoom! take home whitening you will get professional, affordable results with reduced (or eliminated) sensitivity. You apply the treatment yourself in the comfort of your own home. This treatment delivers superior results compared to non-dental whitening systems, with the ability to choose when and how you whiten your teeth.

Take home whitening involves using custom-fitted trays that you apply whitening gel into and then sit them over your teeth for a specific period of time.

Professional teeth whitening treatments help to remove both extrinsic (surface staining of the outer layer called the enamel) and intrinsic stains (staining of the dentin, which is the sensitive tissue that lies just below your enamel).

Our teeth whitening products are clinically proven to be safe and non-invasive on teeth and gums when obtained from a dental professional.

“Our Zoom at-home products are the only whitening treatments to utilise ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), which is clinically proven to reduce teeth sensitivity, protect your tooth enamel and improve the luster and smoothness of your teeth (in vitro)” (Philips)1.

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Please note an additional charge for an examination and oral hygiene appointment may be required to confirm your suitability for this procedure and to ensure the best results. The cost of this is up to $239 plus any x-rays if they are required for your individual circumstance. X-ray costs, if required, can be provided at your appointment.