Dental veneers are a simple, safe and effective option to improve the aesthetic appearance of chipped, stained, miscoloured or misshapen teeth. They are made of a thin yet strong porcelain or ceramic material that can be designed larger or smaller than the original tooth, to create a different appearance if desired. They look like tiny tooth coloured shells which are designed to hug the front surface of the tooth, creating the appearance of new, straight teeth in your preferred naturally matched shade.

If you desire whiter teeth, teeth whitening can be performed before the creation of your new veneers, which will then be matched to your lighter shade. To learn more about our teeth whitening, please click here.

The highest strength and best quality veneers are made from porcelain and are created within a dental laboratory. Porcelain is the best choice aesthetically because of its translucent appearance which mimics natural tooth enamel. This material is completely colour stable, meaning that the shade will not discolour with ageing.

For veneers on a tight budget, they can be made from a composite material. This material is not colour stable and cannot be applied in all circumstances. Unlike porcelain, this product does not have any natural translucent properties.

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